Why is my art showing up on someone’s postcard campaign without my permission?

What the hell, people. That’s theft.

Who runs the angelwarriorcastiel Tumblr/Twitter?

Can someone fill me in on this? Who is in charge of the AngelWarriorCas campaign? What exactly are you sanctioning? Why is my art being used without my permission or credit?

Stealing someone’s art is a crime, and should be punishable by jail time and fines. At minimum, ask permission to use someones’s intellectual property. 




I Don’t Know How Much Vodka I Put In This But I’m Going To Drink It Anyways: a memoir

This drink tastes awful, but I can’t waste alcohol: a sequel

I’m going to get a bigger glass and add more mixer and have way too much to drink: The Thrilling Conclusion

resulting in blacking out and falling down the stairs, leaving the party barefoot and passing out so your new husband doesnt even get laid on his wedding night. 


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oops to much to drink glad my baby loves me